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Making people smile one burger at a time

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Nostalgic Food with a Nouveau Take

Chef David and Tonya are a husband and wife team that started their hamburger pop up business in June 2021.  

Ominous Burgers started as a hobby, but quickly became a full time business.  Chef David was raised by a single mother that supported the family as a waitress, and it was here at a young age that David gained restaurant and cooking experience. 

This passion for cooking never left.  Both David and Tonya often enroll in classes at the Mission Junior College culinary arts program to keep their skills sharp.

Ominous Burgers prides itself on creating menus that combine nostalgic food with a nouveau take.  We only use the freshest ingredients and believe that presenting food should be treated like an art.


From flipping burgers at breweries and wineries to catering corporate events and private parties we can create a menu that fits your wants, needs and budget.

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We are making burgers the way they are meant to be made.  We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients.  We smash our burgers on the griddle and pair them with amazing house made sauces and creations.  From our classic Ominous Burger to our local favorite the 5150 Spicy, you will always find a burger that will bring you back and give you that taste of nostalgia.


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Union City, CA

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